As you might guess from the name NaturEscape is an escape game in the nature, in beautiful Finnish forest. The goal is to solve many different problem-solving tasks during the game together as a team.

The game includes light physical activities and short transmissions between the tasks. To move ahead in the game you need to use your cleverness and logical understanding but most important is co-operation with your team.

You can take part of the game for example with your  friends or co-workers. With bigger groups it’s possible that groups are competing against each other and see who are the fastest ones to escape! Age recommendation 13+. Game can also be adapted to younger kids and disabled people.

Description of the story

You have got lost in the forest where is living a dangerous grizzly bear and you need to find your way out before it’s too late! Bear has just woken up from winter sleep and it’s hungry. On the way you might also face some problems… Are you ready for an adventure?